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AMI spol. s.r.o was founded in 1992 as a trading company, which has later been transformed into production-trading company. A new partner, FAEBER Lighting Systems S.p.A. Bergamo (Italy), has joined the company in 2001.

AMI spol. s.r.o is one of the companies, which pursue a tradition of production of electrical lightings. It belongs to the group of key suppliers of lighting fixtures as well as lighting sources in Slovakia. Our advantage is a wide range of lightings and our great emphasis on quality and reliability. This is acknowledged by STN EN ISO 9001:2016 Certificate first acquired in 2002.

The company has started its commercial export activities in 1998 and currently places about 30% of its production on foreign markets such as Finland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Italy, Czech Republic and others. Main partners in Slovakia includes Hagard:Hal, VEREX-ELTO, Anmima, Alfex, E.D.E.N. EL-MAT s.r.o., as well as other industrial corporations. We have also started a tradition of „AMI za Vami“ (AMI behind You) presentations.

For years of our presence on lighting equipment market we have delivered a number of successful projects. Among our satisfied clients, which we can proudly mention as our references, are such a high-profile companies as Slovnaft, Volkswagen, Osram, Nuclear Power Plant in Mochovce, Metro Cash & Carry, Continental, Prima Banka, COOP Jednota, Slovenská poistovňa, number of shopping centres, schools and sports complexes, namely football stadium and sports hall in Považská Bystrica, football stadium in Dolný Kubín, National Bowling Centre in Bratislava, service areas in City Arena in Trnava, ice-rink in Rožňava, service areas of ice-rink in Vranov nad Topľou.

Further, we would like to mention our solutions and realizations of street lighting project in various cities and towns. We are able to offer, based on the customer requirements, street lighting solutions using modern LED technology as well as power management technology, which ensure significant electricity savings. Along with our partners we have designed and delivered street lighting reconstructions in Nové Zámky, Štúrovo, Sládkovičovo, Kamenín, Lúčnica nad Žitavou, Martinová, Vieska nad Žitavou, Rumanová, Polom-Hnúšťa, Hačava-Skálie, Hačava, Brátne.

Our product portfolio includes luminaires with fluorescent tubes as well as progressive LED modules from prestigious producers of modules and drivers. The lighting systems can be, based on customer requirements, fitted with lighting intesity management control, where the lighting system takes into account contribution of natural day light in given areas, which results in significant energy savings.

AMI spol. s.r.o also has technological equipment for cutting and material processing such as sheet bending machine, mechanical press and cutting press. Anticorrosion and decorative surface finish treatment is achieved by powder coating technology.