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                                         CLAIM POLICY                                                   

  Claim policy of AMI spol. s.r.o.

In case of a defect on the bought goods, the buyer in entitled to claim the rights of responsibility for the defective goods (to reclaim it). The person responsible for claims is obligated to decide about the claim immediately after investigation, in difficult cases up to three days. The time that is needed for professional defect examination is not counted to this period.

However, the reclamation process cannot take more then 30 (thirty) days. The buyer is not entitled to reclaim the defect of the goods, for which he was given a discount and those that the seller informed him about.


Seller´s responsibility

In case of the sale of the goods, the seller is responsible for the demanded quality, quantity and dimensions. It has to be without a fault and adhere to technical norms. The seller is responsible for faults, which are present on the goods at the time retrieval and those, which appeared on the goods within the warranty time.


Buyer ´s responsibility

The buyer is obligated to check the goods delivered by seller´s vehicle or by a forwarder at the time of delivery. In case the buyer discover that the packaging of the goods is mechanically damaged, he is obligated to write up a record with the forwarder or the log this fact to the delivery note or to the transportation note., consequently the forwarder confirms the fact. Without such a record it is impossible to enforce the claim.


Place of the claim

The buyer enforces the claim with the seller. The buyer confirm the purchase with a proof of purchase and in case of goods with extended warranty time he also needs to show the confirmed warranty note.


Warranty term

The condition for the acceptation of a claim is that the claim needs to be enforced within the warranty time. The warranty time is 24 (twenty four) months from the day of retrieval of the goods by the buyer. In case the goods have an extended warranty term, the seller is obligated to issue a filled out and confirmed warranty note to the buyer at the time of the sale, in which the term and conditions are stated. In case the buyer ´s claim is solved by the Exchange of damaged goods for undamaged, the warranty term for the new goods is valid fro the date of retrieval. The same applies, if the components or part , for which the warranty was give, are exchanged.


Removable damages

Removable damanges are such damages that don´t change the look, function and quality of the goods after the removal.In case of removable damages the buyer is entitled to claim:

- free of charge, proper and timely reomval of the damages

- the exchange of damaged part or component, in case the damages relate to part or component

- the exchange of the goods, in case they were not used


In case that the damages are removable at the place of installation, possible cost related to repairs, assembly and disassembly of the claimed goods are to be confirmed with the seller before realisation of the repairs. In case that the costs were not confirmed by the seller, the charges demanded by the buyer will not be accepted.


Non-removable damages

In case of non-removable damages, which prohibit the corect use of the goods, the buyer is entitled to ask for exchange of the damaged goods for undamaged once. In case the exchange of damaged goods for undamaged once by the seller is not possible, the buyer is alowed to cancel the contract of sale and ask for the return of the paid sum.


Settlement of a claim by providing a discount

In case the buyer asks for a discount, it is possible to settle the claim by providing a discount.The discount of the goods is given, in cace the damages are non-removable, but they do not prevent to correct use of the goods. The level of the discount depends on the level of the damages of the claimed goods.