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VINSMART luminaires form an intelligent lighting system, they are part of an active network that connects many components enabling management, control and monitoring of various processes using software on a PC or on a mobile device.

The luminaires can be controlled (switched on/off, control the illumination intensity) in several ways, either manually using software, automatically based on astronomical clocks using preset terms, or based on various signals from connected input sensors (light, motion, noise ...). With the control software it is possible to control the luminaires individually, in groups and all at once.

The use of VINSMART luminaires in the lighting system achieves high electricity savings in the operation of public lighting while ensuring increased safety for people and property.

One of the advantages of intelligent lighting is the possibility to illuminate the public space (e.g. by a connected camera) or its parts (streets, pedestrian zones, parks, etc.) according to current needs and to coordinate the lighting in desired way, whether program-controlled or for example, according to the instantaneous traffic intensity.

Another useful parameter is the monitoring of illumination status, error states, failures and monitoring of physical quantities with the possibility of their evaluation, or even as an alternative information channel for residents using the LCD display unit.

The VINSMART intelligent lighting system can be equipped with:

  • - Daylight intensity sensor
  • - Motion sensors for monitoring the movement of persons
  • - Traffic density radar sensors
  • - Weather stations for air data collection
  • - Charging stations for e-bike, mobile / tablet
  • - Panic button to call for help
  • - RGB illumination used as mood, decorative or emergency light
  • - WiFi Hotspot
  • - Cameras for remote monitoring of public areas
  • - LCD display unit for disseminating various important information

and many different other peripherals to enhance the smart city driving comfort.

For VINSMART Technical information, click here.